Air pump problem

Hello, I have a problem with the air pump on the Algo laser Alpha. Firmware 116. The air pump does not turn on automatically. I always have to start the air pump manually. When I turn on the air pump at 100% and after finishing cutting, it automatically returns to 30%, but it will never turn on at 100% by itself. It occasionally happens that it turns on at 100% and when it finishes cutting it turns off at 0%. When next time I turn on the laser and start cutting or engraving, the air pump does not turn on? Thank you

Same issue with mine (about the 30% after file completes). Seems like an easy one to fix in a minor firmware update. Haven’t come up with a reason for the pump to stay on, but maybe there is.

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I have to boost manually. When it finishes cutting it goes back to 30% but when I turn off the laser it stays on at 30% so I have to manually reduce it to 0. Is there a way to turn the air pump on when the laser is turned on and turn it off when the laser is turned off?