AlgoLaser Delta Pressure Warning

AlgoLaser Delta Pressure Warning coming up now every time I burn. Air assist pump is working fine and air is coming out of the nozzle. I am not sure if this is the pressure it is warning about or if it is something inside the laser module. Any help please.

Still having this same issue after changing the o-ring where the lens screws onto the air assist nozzle. Still have not received any response from support.

Same problem here. I hope support team will answer soon.

Same problem here also!

So, has anyone found a fix for this pressure warning problem?
I have changed the o-ring between the lens and air assist nozzle twice now.
The first time I changed the o-ring it seemed like it may have fixed the issue, but then after a few more burns it started showing up again. Now that I have changed the o-ring a second time it is not having any affect. The warning message is showing up and the “Air” light goes red every time the laser fires up.
I can feel the air coming out of the nozzle when controlling the air pump by hand. The air pressure will increase and decrease correctly when using the power control so there is no blockage in the nozzle nor air line.
Could it simply be a sensor that does not work correctly, who knows?
But, it definitely appears to be a design or manufacturing issue if many people are having the same exact problem.
Quite frustrating at this point. Wondering if this purchase was a mistake.

Finally fixed mine, the tubing was not all the way into the laser module even though air was coming out, so I pushed it as far as it would go and so far so good.