Delta Laser Wifi Improvement

The Algo Laser Delta comes with very small Wifi Antenna and as a result there can be a lot of disconnecting problems with the App and Wifi.
I solved this by adding a better Wifi Antenna which you can buy on Amazon or AliExpress .
Below is link to RP SMA 90 degree Wifi Connector and Antenna I added. You can buy many other Antennas that are available but you want it to fit under the Laser. This improved the Wifi connectivity.

RP-SMA Right Angle, RP-SMA Male…

COVVY WiFi Antenna 10 DB…

Hi Dougie,
What were your symptom’s when you had trouble. Thank you

I pulled an antenna off an old Linksys router and it threaded on to the Delta. Not sure if it improved anything though. Ended up adding another router closer to my laser setup and that has helped it maintain connection (mostly). I do have an occasional hiccup that causes the program to stop and not continue. I don’t rely on wifi for longer burns (use the USB stick for that).

Q: Can anyone confirm whether they must type the wifi password in each time the machine is turned on? I have to do this each time and it is annoying.